Sunday, August 26, 2012

Casal Abdo Arrive!

One last arrival included the office couple, the Abdo's.  They come to Angola from Brazil and previously served in the Mozambique Mission.  This is huge for the mission in Angola.  They will organize everything and allow all the missionaries to do their work.  How grateful we are for their presence in Angola.  We are grateful that Sister Violin is carrying on President Walton's tradition of picture taking!  Also, our love to you all.  Hopefully the Thompson's will arrive sometime soon (maybe even this week) and things will work as they are supposed to.  Our love to everyone, temos muitos saudades e muito amor!!  The Waltons

Arrivals in Angola

This is Sister Walton.  It has been quite some time since I last posted on the blog, and there have been quite a few missionary arrivals.  These pictures were taken by Elder and Sister Violin who are holding down the fort until the Thompson's arrive.  We all need to pray that the visa issues will be resolved this week so the Angola Mission Region can see the Thompson's arrive safely and ready to hit the ground running.  Our hearts are with you all in the wonderful country of Angola!!  Boa sorte!!