Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Dear Followers of This Blog,

We left Angola last July at the end of our 3-year mission, and no longer post to this blog.  For the latest news about the missionary work in Angola, you can go to the blog created by President and Sister Thompson (our replacements in Angola) at:
You can also see news about Angola in the blog created by President and Sister Kretly in Mozambique at:

Thank you for all of your love and support during our mission.

President and Sister Walton

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Casal Abdo Arrive!

One last arrival included the office couple, the Abdo's.  They come to Angola from Brazil and previously served in the Mozambique Mission.  This is huge for the mission in Angola.  They will organize everything and allow all the missionaries to do their work.  How grateful we are for their presence in Angola.  We are grateful that Sister Violin is carrying on President Walton's tradition of picture taking!  Also, our love to you all.  Hopefully the Thompson's will arrive sometime soon (maybe even this week) and things will work as they are supposed to.  Our love to everyone, temos muitos saudades e muito amor!!  The Waltons

Arrivals in Angola

This is Sister Walton.  It has been quite some time since I last posted on the blog, and there have been quite a few missionary arrivals.  These pictures were taken by Elder and Sister Violin who are holding down the fort until the Thompson's arrive.  We all need to pray that the visa issues will be resolved this week so the Angola Mission Region can see the Thompson's arrive safely and ready to hit the ground running.  Our hearts are with you all in the wonderful country of Angola!!  Boa sorte!!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

One Final Word from the Waltons about the Post Office Box

Parents, family and friends,

I know we posted about our new post office box, but there is a bit of new information when sending "Express Mail"  packages so I made the corrections and am re-posting it for you to see this important requirement.  We are thankful for your faith, prayers, and support for the Angola Luanda missionaries and the work.  It is the time for Angola right now.  Com certeza!

Great news!  A post office has finally opened in Luanda, and the “Angola Luanda Mission” has opened a post office box.  Now our missionaries can send and receive regular letters.  To send a letter use the following address:
(Missionary name)
Igreja de Jesus Cristo dos S.U.D.
Caixa Postal 18404
Luanda, Angola

It currently costs $1.05 to send a letter from the United States to Angola.  However, it will cost about $3 (US) to send a normal letter from Angola to the U.S. It should arrive in less than 2 weeks in either direction.  The missionaries are starting to receive mail and they are extremely happy!

If you want to send a package via the US Post Office please follow these instructions exactly:

If the package weighs less than 1 kilo (2.2 lbs.) it will arrive at the Post Office where we have a post office box with no problems.  If the package is over 2.2 lbs it must be sent “Express” so that it will be delivered to our Post Office. 

If you send a package please DO NOT put the missionaries name in the address.  This will make it very difficult for us to claim the package unless the recipient missionary actually goes to the Post Office.  PLEASE NOTE: If you are sending a package put the missionaries name at the beginning of the return address.  Then we will know who it is for.  For example, the package should be addressed as follows:

Elder Smith
Smith Family
123 Elm Street
SLC, UT  12345
                                                Igreja de Jesus Cristo dos S.U.D.
                                                Caixa Postal 18404
                                                Luanda, Angola

We have received “Express Mail” packages.  In order for us to pick up “Express Mail” packages, the post office is requiring the tracking number as well as a list of the contents with their values.   Without these two things we cannot get the package!  Please email these two things as soon as you send the package to:

We would be interested in knowing how much it costs to send packages to Angola via the U.S. Post Office.  If there are any customs fees, they will be the responsibility of the missionary.

**With the growing number of missionaries it is best that we not burden the Reedy family or other expatriates by asking them to transport packages for us.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A Short Visit From Elder and Sister Soares

Elder and Sister Soares came for just two days, but we are so grateful for any time we could get with them.  He came to train the member leaders but gave the missionaries a couple of hours one afternoon to meet them and talk to them.  It was kind of cool when we arrived with him, the missionaries had lined up in their suits outside the Luanda 1 chapel and shook hands with them.  Then after the great, inspiring meeting we stopped to take a picture of all of our Luanda missionaries with Elder and Sister Soares.  Thanks for the visit and taking time with us!!

Our Last Zone Conference in Angola

I didn't think the last zone conference would be so difficult.  Boy was I wrong!!  We're a family here and we love these missionaries and to have to say goodbye for even a few weeks was difficult.  But that's how a mission works.  Coming and goings, hellos and goodbyes are a normal part of the routine.  It just happens to be our turn to leave.  Elders Hansen and Tolman listen and learn.  Then the happy lunch crowd Elders Kearney, Hobbs, Bene, Hansen, branch missionary Adao, and Elders Arrington Rainbolt, McAllister, Walker and Richter.  Happy July birthdays to Elders Kearney, Borden, Arrington, and President and Sister Walton.

Since it was our last Zone Conference, we asked for two musical numbers.  The first had the Elders from Luanda 1 (Hobbs, Richter, Chandler, Bene) singing "Mais Perto Quero Estar" (Nearer My God to Thee).  The other one involved all of the missionaries.  We wanted to hear them sing together one last time "Called to Serve".  It was a tear jerker!!  These missionaries just love to trade ties, so at the end of the conference President gave each one of the missionaries one of his ties to remember him by.  With Elder Violin keeping things light, Elder  Chandler took his choice very seriously!

It's hard to believe how big our zone is getting.  It seems big even though to other missions we may seem small.  Elders Hobbs, Chandler, McAllister, Wilhelm and Walker listen in on the trainings.  Elders Perry and Richter arrived at the same time and continue their friendship even though they haven't served together since Lubango.  President and Elder Kearney are both wearing similar nametags.  Sister Walton made a mistake and ordered one for Elder Kearney that said "President Kearney" instead of "Elder Kearney".  Fogo!!  President stops for a last picture with Elders Hobbs and Wilhelm and Elder McAllister made his appearance in the background.  Happy missionaries!

At the end of Zone Conference it is hard to get the missionaries out the door because they love being together and talking with each other.  With the Violins in town to hold down the fort when the Walton's leave and before the Thompson's arrive, Elder Richter catches up on good times in Lubango when he and Elder Violin served there together.  And it was time for Elder Sande to learn how to properly send his letter to the president through iMOS.  Elder Sande is a quick learner and he had it down in no time!

Four New Members in Angola

Last weekend we had 4 wonderful baptisms.  Our new members are so strong and so committed.  The work is amazing!

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Penultimate Post Without Pictures!

Dear parents, family, and friends -

I (Sister Walton) will be posting my last blog in the next couple of days.  Sister Thompson will be taking over this blog in a few weeks, but it will be a while before there are any pictures of your missionaries.  Sorry, but it's only a couple of weeks.  I have written to most of you by email and I don't want to post my email on the blog, but if anyone needs to get a hold of me my Angola phone number is +244-939284641.  This has been a great mission.  The Lord is truly here and wants these wonderful people to hear about the Gospel.  The foundation is getting stronger and stronger and things are growing.  It is amazing and we look forward to better things to come.  Until my last post, with much love!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Missionary Moments

The Weggeland's are good at providing the missionaries in Cassequel with a home cooked meal every now and then.  Elders Perry, Adao (branch missionary who will be serving in Cape Verde soon), Wilhelm and Walker all appreciate the time and effort that they put into making it all so good and the support they feel from this American couple.  Preparation day found Elders Richter and Bene at the mission home, so they used the 2 computers there to write their weekly letters to the President and to family and friends.

The Work in Viana

Don't think you can tell, but Elder Hansen was elated with the church attendance last Sunday in Viana.  He kept saying under his breath, "This is the best yet".  There were 99 people there, and that is a record attendance in this small branch!  After church it is great to talk with the members in the outdoor courtyard of the chapel.


It was time to say good-bye to Elders Kelsey and Tilley who are heading down to Lubango.  We will miss these stellar missionaries in Luanda, but the south of Angola will be blessed.  So it was a hug and handshake to them on the street since it was the only way to see them, along with Elders Chandler, Richter and WIlson.  Elder Wilson is headed back to Viana.  He is literally changing places with Elder Kearney who is headed to Luanda 1.  The Viana Elders love the work in their area and their duplex house.  With Elder Hansen's help, the place is the cleanest missionary home in the mission!

Penultimate Zone Conference

We are having a series of zone conferences to prepare the mission and the missionaries for the big change that is coming.  Elders Tolman and Hansen focused on Area Books in the training by our zone leaders, Elders Richter and Bene.  Lunch break is a highlight.  This time they all went for the dessert first.  Our musical number was provided by Luanda 2 district,  Elders Rainbolt, Tilley, Arrington and McAllister.  During President Walton's training, Elders Tolman, Tilley, Eckman, Borden, Walker, Wilhelm and WIlson all listen to some of his last words of advice and counsel.

Random Events in the Mission

Something really good did happen in 1820 (and it didn't have to do with a big advertisement for liquor that says, "Since 1820, from the good and the best").  That is why we are here in Angola.  Because of the Restoration of the Gospel, we have the truth to bring to our brothers and sisters throughout the world.  Lately we've been moving the missionaries out of their substandard apartments in the chapels into new, more normal living arrangements.  The Cassequel Elders (Wilhelm, Perry, Hobbs and Walker) were very happy with their new home complete with leather couch and nice dining table with chairs.  Luanda 2 Elders moved into the nicest apartment we now have.  It is brand new, they are the first to live in it.  Elder McAllister called it the Taj Mahal it is so nice!  But compared with the place they moved from, it is a welcome change for them.


Three of the sweetest young women were recently baptized.  Elders Rainbolt and Tilley dressed up for the day to honor their new member in Luanda 2.

Welcome Home Sister Semedo!

Sister Semedo has been serving on Temple Square in Salt Lake City.  She returned home and was met by a huge greeting committee of family, members and friends.  She is the last of the sisters we have had serving from Angola.  Soon a new crop of Elders and one Sister will head out into the mission field to Cape Verde, Zambia, and New Zealand!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Luanda Zone Visits the Island of Mussulo!

One thing President Walton had been wanting to do before we head for home was to visit the island of Mussulo.  Every day we look out our windows at this beautiful tropical island.  So, with help from member John Reedy, we took the whole Luanda zone out to the island for an afternoon picnic and down time to recharge our missionary batteries.  After fighting our way through the throngs of young people wanting to be paid to help carry our stuff to the dock (with missionaries you always have lots of "hauling" power right at your finger tips), we loaded up the boat and headed for the island.  Elders Wilhelm and Wilson enjoyed the ride over to the island.  Once on the island Elders Sande and Tilley played futebol and football.  Elder Eckman buried Elder Hansen in the sand while Elders Perry and Richter walked the narrow island and looked for treasure and enjoyed the pleasant sunny afternoon.