Saturday, December 17, 2011

Seminary and Institute Training with Brother Khumbulani

Our last visitor to Angola was the Director of Seminary and Institute for 27 countries in Africa. Brother Khumbulani got everyone excited for the start of these great classes in 2012. With seminary and institute in Angola, the new convert members will be able to learn more about this great gospel of which they are now a part. Many member adults over the age of 30 will also have the opportunity to attend adult classes. This is such a momentous time for Angola. Things are happening to help strengthen the church and the members here!! Br. Khumbulani had Maera help with a demonstration while Elder Anhanha translated from English into Portuguese. We had quite the crowd gathered to meet with him and learn what was going to happen in the upcoming year of 2012. Since it is summer vacation we had quite the group of youth up in Luanda from Lubango where they are already enjoying the blessings of a seminary class. Next year they'll go from one day a week to five days. What a huge blessing!

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