Monday, February 20, 2012

Filling the Font

When we are low on water in our underground water tanks, the Elders need to call for a water delivery. When we needed water for the baptism, the water truck didn't come until almost too late. Once the tank was cleaned by Elders Perry and Davis, the water was delivered and it was time to fill the font, but it was going too slow. So the Elders pitched in and grabbed every available bucket, garbage can, and mop bucket to help fill the font in time. They finally accomplished their task and we started the baptismal service only 45 mintues late. Elder Anhanha dropped and dumped the bucket hundreds of times as Elders Eckman, Kelsey, Borden, Schioser, and Guente hauled and filled the font only to return for another bucket full. We have some good workers in Luanda!

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