Tuesday, September 27, 2011


After more than two years on the mission, Elder Nequetela was ready to be released. But since he is awaiting a visa to Portugal, he will be available to help our young group of missionaries out in Viana. Thank you Elder Nequetela for all you've done and continue to do for this great mission. President and Sister Spendlove came for one last time from Mozambique to hand over the responsibilities of the mission in Angola to President and Sister Walton. They also came to say a fond farewell to "their missionaries" whom they welcomed into the Mozambique Maputo Mission, but who will leave from the Angola Luanda Mission. Here is the final picture of that small group including in the back row Elder Allison, President Spendlove, Elders Manuel and Nequetela.And in the front row are Elders Schioser and Sande, Sister Spendlove, and Elder Bene. It is now official, the handoff is complete. President Walton now has the keys to oversee the growth of the church in the country of Angola.

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