Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Scenes from Angola

Angola is definitely unique, but it is also a wonderful place to serve a mission! Even during the dry season there are dirt roads and puddles to negotiate. The kids don't have many toys, but they have fun with what they can find or create for themselves! The dirt street neighborhoods tend to be on the narrow side and the homes are right on the road. When women have big loads to carry, they always put them on top of their heads. Then they sling their babies on their backs with the most colorful fabrics. Elder Christofferson came last October to dedicate this land for the gospel and this Imbondeiro (Baobob) tree was the spot chosen for this historic event. It was on a beautiful hill overlooking the bay and ocean beyond. The Lord truly wants the people of Angola to have the gospel.

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  1. Sister Walton, just a note to say a BIG thank you for this wonderful Blog. I love seeing things that our son and all the missionaries are a part of. It helps with our adjustment of not having him home with us. It also allows us to feel much more a part of what these wonderful young men are blessed to be a part of. Thank you to you and Pres. Walton for taking care of our son and helping him serve his Father in Heaven.
    Sister Lori Eckman