Thursday, May 24, 2012

For the First Time Ever - Missionaries in Huambo

Elder Guente was serving in Luanda.  Elder Harper was serving in Lubango.  The Lord called them to open the city of Huambo together.  So Elder Harper traveled up with the Violins and Elder Guente traveled down with President and Sister Walton.  We met in Huambo to officially open this wonderful, prepared city.  The Lord has His own timing, and the time is now for Huambo.

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  1. Can`t get over this...this is trully a milestone! I was born in Namibe ! Please keep on posting pictures and info on the new area, and other info you can give from other areas in Angola, mainly the south...I didn`t know there was an organized church branch in Lubango! I know some brothers and sisters from Lubango and Namibe ( even former full time missionaries and district/stake leaders)that are going to be very pleased to know that, and who knows, tempted to return home?!