Thursday, May 24, 2012

Ready or Not, Here We Come!

Once we got past the electrified fence (just like Jurassic Park) Elders Kearney, Hansen, and Perry rode in the back of the truck, driven by Elder Richter, to be the lookouts for more animals.  It was Elder Hansen's sharp eye that had seen the giraffe off to the side of the road.  Funny thing though, the dust from the vehicles turned Elder Hansen's hair a lovely shade of red.  All was ready and waiting for us, so Elders Perry, Tilley, Richter, and Hansen climbed aboard for the window view.  Little did they know that they would constantly be whacked on the arms and legs by passing tree branches.  And off we go with Elders McAllister, Chandler, Wilson,  Hobbs and our son, Matt, who was visiting with us from California.  What a ride!

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  1. hmmm. I thought that was a familiar face. How fun for him!!