Friday, January 6, 2012

Baptisms for Lubango and Luanda 1

Months ago down in Lubango Simao was contacted. It took him awhile, but he was baptized the day before Christmas with the help of Elders Richter and Guente. His cute family will follow in the coming weeks. That's a whole family for Lubango!! Then in Luanda 1, 9 year-old twins, Joice and Josemar, were baptized by their father. Elders Anhanha and Bauer helped teach and prepare them for this memorable day. Elders Bauer and Manuel consulted on the program order while everyone changed into their white clothing. After the baptism, President and Elder Arrington tried to carry the bucket of wet baptismal clothing on their heads, but it wasn't going too well. A kind man passing by stopped to show them how the women in Angola wind up a piece of cloth and make a nest for the load to sit in and make it stable on their head.

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