Friday, January 6, 2012

Road Trip for the Zone Leaders and President and Sister Walton

It was time to visit our missionaries and members in southern Angola, so off we went with the zone leaders, Elders Bauer and Anhanha, to Huambo, Benguela, Namibe, and Benguela. In Huambo we had a family home evening with a few of the members and Beatu. It was nice to have an additional new member to the branch. Irmao Pereira is working in Huambo but originally comes from Portugal. It was a nice surprise for President and Sister Walton to make the connection that they knew his family in Viseu, Portugal. After leaving Huambo, we traveled through country that had seen the worst of the civil war. This tank was a stark reminder that the war is over and the people have been putting their lives (and country) back together. After leaving Lubango we traveled through the beautiful Serra Da Leba and it's serpentine road. Once we reached the coast in Namibe (the beginning of the Skeleton Coast and the Kalihari Desert) we stopped to eat lunch at the waterfront. Sister Violin had packed us a delicious lunch, but Elder Bauer was skeptical of Elder Anhanha's choice to eat peanut butter on his hard boiled egg.

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  1. I am so happy to see this web blog. Especially because that is my mothers house in the background of the first photo.

    This is such a blessing to see the work grow forward in Angola and especially in my hometown of Huambo.