Friday, January 6, 2012

To Benguela and then home!!

Our last stop on the road trip was in Benguela. Last time we were in Benguela President contacted Eduardo and Isak. They both expressed an interest in knowing more about the church. Over the past few months they have been in contact with President and have been anxiously awaiting missionaries to come and teach them. Finally that time came! We had Elders Bauer and Anhanha teach them over dinner and desert about the Restoration and the Book of Mormon. It went well, and now they have to wait until next time we pass through, or when we can send missionaries to Benguela, whichever comes first. Our waiter had been listening while they taught and expressed an interest in the "doctrine of Christ". He is married and has a little one, so this would be a family of investigators in Benguela. Missionary work is awesome! On the way home to Luanda, we passed by this beautiful canyon right near the coast. Then we drove into Quicama Park to check it out for a possible Preparation Day activity with the missionaries and discovered this huge imbondeiro (baobob) tree. We figured it would hold at least 10 missionaries in the cave of the trunk!!

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  1. I love the baobabs. good thing you put someone in front of them for the photo or no-one would know how HUGE they are! Looks like you guys are staying busy busy busy in the best possible way!! Yahoooo!