Sunday, March 4, 2012

Missionaries Teach More Than the Gospel

Elder Bene had an opportunity to teach one of the youth in the Viana Branch how to tie his tie. Once again, if you need something done, call a misisonary! We always love to help.

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  1. Sister Walton,

    My name is Jeff and I just found out that my family and I will be moving to Angola. I work for Chevron and will be living in Luanda Sul in a community of Chevron workers there. We will be taking a pre-visit in the next few months and we wanted to include a visit to the branch we will be attending and I was wondering if you might help me with some of the details. You can email me at It is a junk email I keep, I will write you back from a more personal email, but I would rather not have that posted here. Thanks.