Monday, March 26, 2012

New Missionary and New Assignments

Elder Chandler arrived a few weeks ago. He has settled in nicely with Elder Kelsey in the Luanda 1 branch. You can tell they've had time in the hot sun, but Elder Chandler says he likes being out among the people. Keep up the good work Elders! This transfer President Walton called office elders for the first time in this mission. Unusual since we have no office. But Elders Eckman and Borden are going around to each of the branches helping them get MLS functioning, getting them excited to really know who their members are, and showing them how to do it. They are learning all of the church systems to teach to a new acting mission president once he arrives in July. They have been busy creating their own work for this transfer, but they also have been doing traditional missionary work as well. These are the tools of their trade right now. Good work Elders!

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