Monday, March 26, 2012

Slow News Week - So Pictures of Luanda

A lot of the buildings here are not what we would call pretty. They rarely paint them and then when they do it's usually with unbelievably bright colors. Everything has multiple layers of dust and dirt on them. But sometimes if you really look at them, no matter what stage of construction they are in, you see progress, you see hope, you see joy, you see improvement, you see wonderful Angola. Since the people are packed together in the bairros, there are always groups of people standing on the streets or in the alleys conversing, playing, selling things to make a living and just living their lives for all to see. They love children, they love their families, they like to laugh and sing and talk. They are religious and like to talk about religion. And although it is not like home, it is a great place to live and serve.

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