Monday, April 30, 2012

Public Affairs in Luanda

Our Public Affairs director in Luanda, Lassalete, has been busy.  This past week we visited the Quicama School located in the remote city of Muxima.  This city located at the edge of the Kwanza River, was where the slaves were baptized and then loaded onto the ships to sail away from their homeland.  We presented the students at the small, one room school room with writing tablets for their school work.  They sang us a song and gave us high-fives.  With a television crew with us, it was definitely a way to get the name of the church out among the people.  The same night we met with some government officials and talked with them about the Family Home Evening program.  South Africa came up with a FHE book for nonmembers to help teach their family members about good principles within their own home.  It was well received and another great way to get the name of the church out to the public.

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