Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Ready, Set, Go!

Once the training was over, the companions and areas were revealed, it was time to head out.  But Elder Tilley was overcome from the more than 24 hours that he had been traveling to Angola.  Elders Hansen  and Wilhelm thought it was funny, but they were struggling as well!  One final picture of the group of three on the mission home balcony and it is time to go.  We had rides for each of the duplas to their areas, and Elder Tilley happened to be with President Walton and the official mission camera, so one final picture in front of his temporary home at the Luanda 2 chapel.

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  1. Sister Walton thank you so much for all of these new posts, they are awesome as well as the new missioonaries. We met Elder Tilleys parents in the Mesa Temple last week. the day before Colin aka Elder Montgomery left for the MTC we went to the temple,we did inititory and after I was talking to a sister from our stake in the hall and she was asking about Colin I was telling her about him serving in Angola and just then a sister walked by and came back and said what do you know about Angola? I said my son leaves tomorrow for the MCT and will be serving there, she said My son leaves the MTC Thursday to go to Angola. It was Sister Tilley we then went out to the foyer and they met Colin and we met Brother Tilley and their son Beraden who recently retunred home from Chile, it was a very tender mercy, coincidence I think not.:) Colin thought he would meet Elder Tilley in the MTC but they din't cross paths, but he is anxious to meet him.
    Where are Elder Wilhelm and Hanson from?
    Keep up these awesome posts thank you.
    Tammy Montgomery Mesa AZ.