Thursday, April 12, 2012

Weekend in Huambo

A weekend with the members in Huambo was an enjoyable experience. Casal Violin drove up from Lubango to get to know the members, like Edine and Aurora, and the city they will be watching over. There were 26 people at their Sacrament Meeting and they had enough children (actually all boys) to have the first-ever Primary. Without any advance planning Sister Violin taught them the song "Once There Was a Snowman" ("homem de neve") and then told them the Easter Story with pictures. It was wonderful even though she had enough time to do it all 3 times. There were more nonmembers at church and the spirit was wonderful. Some day soon they will become a branch!

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  1. Isto é para estas coisas maravilhosas que são as CRIANÇAS do Pai Celestial :
    Vejo aí irmãos e irmãs queridos, e meninos de que já tive no meu colinho :) ! Beijo para a família Barros ( Ilídio e Tinhinha) , mas uns bem fortes para o João Pedro e para a pequerruchinha Beatriz !!
    I was reading the post, and I was thinking, they`re not ALL boys, but then I remembered Beatriz isn`t not even 1 year old, so she`s with mummy in Relief Society (By the Way , Tininha is a Good Primary Leader ;)...) ! Lubango ? Anyone from my hometown, Namibe?? Are there members there ? I KNOW You`ll be a branch SOONER than expected !Maybe one of theese days i`ll be visiting you personaly and showing my little guy mummy`s place:) ! I would like, every now and then to dedicate a post to you all my blog that I keep for Primary purposes, coz that`s the calling I have right now, so it would be specially for the children or local Primary leaders; After all I was born and parcially raised among the sands of Namibe!! Be free to use the things on the blog as you please, and do send me a message if you would like or need some activities or resources in particular...Meaning those I can post or send by e-mail! By the receive post allready? That would be really nice!!!
    Going to ask my kids to do something for your kids! :))...

    Love you ALL...


    Margem SUD