Sunday, June 10, 2012

One of the best things I get to see as mission "Mom" is how well the kids are getting along.  Elders Kearney and Chandler had a good conversation going and genuinely enjoyed each others company.  Another group that had some fun together included Elders Sande, Richter, and Bene, who took the time to explore this old fishing boat.  The whole group got involved with burying Elder Eckman in the sand.  Elders Arrington, Chandler, Rainbolt, Kelsy, Wilson, Kearney, and Hobbs added to the pile of sand that Elder Eckman asked to be thrown on him.  You should have seen him when they dug him out!  With only a few camp chairs available, Elder Tolman made use of one of the coolers.  I think Elder Tolman's face says it all.  The missionaries were having a very enjoyable day!

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