Sunday, June 10, 2012

Zone Conference in Luanda

Time for another zone conference.  Last time I learned that when missionaries take off their shoes there is always a smell, and it's not very pleasant.  So this time, we had them sprinkle their shoes with a little powder, and no smell!  Zone conference is always a special time to get together and recharge our spiritual batteries.  Our zone leaders, Elders Richter and Bene, always say and do just the right kind of training for us to learn from.  Elders Chandler, Hobbs, and Wilson loved the lunch break.  Elders Richter, Perry, Kearney, Wilhelm, Hansen, and Sande started with dessert first..  Elders Borden, Tolman, Hansen, Tilley, Arrington, and Rainbolt like the chance to get together since they don't see each other all that often.  Our special musical number was one of the best with Elders Eckman and Wilhelm singing a duet for us.  Two extremely talented missionaries!

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