Sunday, June 10, 2012

Preparation Day Soccer and Zone Conference in Lubango

It is always tradition to have a soccer game on preparation day morning in Lubango.  Members and nonmembers join the missionaries for a spirited game of futebol.  Elder Violin always sets the pace and takes this game very seriously, but they all know to have fun too.  Once Elders Harper and Guente arrived from Huambo (they traveled by bus for 9 hours to get to Lubango), we started the first session of zone conference.  We finished the first day with our traditional dinner at Freitas.  It was cool enough for Elder Guente to wear a sweater.  These missionaries are so lucky to be serving in cities that are high in elevation so they don't often get the humid heat so common in Luanda.  Then on Tuesday morning we ended with the last session of zone conference in the living room of Casal Violins home.  We will miss Lubango, Huambo and our wonderful, dedicated missionaries serving so far from home.  

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